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Hire builders, not test takers

Make hires that work: find the right engineers faster with real world assessments for today’s engineering skills

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A single platform for a faster, more effective hiring process

Helping Engineering and Talent Leaders make high-impact hires for the way technical teams work today

Senior Talent

Identify top talent for your Senior and Staff Software Engineering roles by measuring for leadership skills and domain expertise.

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University Recruiting

5x your top-of-funnel volume and shorten interview cycles by half.

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DEI & Candidate Inclusion

Fair rubrics, inclusive experience and anonymous top-of-funnel evaluation ensures well-represented pipelines and hires.

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embracing AI into software Engineering

AI-assistance tools are transforming software engineering and hence the software engineering interview

We believe AI-coding solutions will become a core tool used by software engineers and thus should be incorporated into how companies evaluate engineering talent.

Learn How To Hire Engineers In The Age of AI

The better way to hire better engineers

Hire more confidently by evaluating candidates for the skills engineers actually need to be successful, not their ability to take a test


Onsite-to-Offer Rate

from 25% (industry avg) to 49%


Fewer Interview Hours

from effective top-of-funnel screening


Decrease in Time to Hire

from async assessments


Average Candidate Rating

from candidates post interview

The only technical interview loved by

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“Much better than an in-person coding interview. I get to work without feeling the eye of Sauron over my shoulder.”
Candidate interviewing @ Ezoic
“Through the stage where we were hiring quickly, Byteboard was a really powerful lever where otherwise we would have had to make difficult tradeoffs on resources.”

Liz Shepard

Director of Technical Recruiting
"Byteboard's skills-based interviews have enabled us to confidently hire a strong team of talented individuals year after year at Lyft, while saving us hundreds of engineering hours previously spent on less effective interviewing processes."

Eisar Lipkovitz

VP of Engineering

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