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Project-based assessments: hire for real-world skills, not test taking

See how a candidate will work on your team! Evaluate across 20+ software engineering skills as they work through a small real-world project.

Why we built Byteboard

As experienced engineers, we were frustrated that when it came to technical interviews, we still had to spend a considerable amount of time and resources preparing. The interviews, which value memorization over the practical application of skills, felt overly performative and disjoint from actual engineering work. And, the flaws seemed to hit underrepresented groups more — research shows that nearly everyone has poor interview experiences, yet women are 7 times more likely than men to stop interviewing after a poor performance. On the flip side, as interviewers, we had to manage an ever-growing demand of interviews with limited guidance on how to effectively assess for skills. It was evident the process was in need of change.

Having personally experienced the ineffectiveness, inequity, and inefficiency of the process, we felt best equipped to build an interview that finally assesses for ability, not access and privilege.

Our leadership team

Sargun Kaur

Co-Founder & CEO

Heather Buletti

Head of Engineering

Betsy Williams

Head of Marketing

Juliana Suarez

Head of Operations/Chief of Staff

Our investors and advisors

Technical interviews aren’t great. They generate a lot of false positives and false negatives, are time-consuming to prepare for, and often don’t correlate to on-the-job success. And these negative impacts can be even more for underrepresented folks. Byteboard is one company looking to improve the technical interview.

Mekka Okereke

Director of Engineering @ Google

Candice Morgan

Partner @ GV (Google Ventures)

Nadia Singer

CPO @ Figma

Nick Caldwell

GM @ Twitter

Marianna Tessel

CTO @ Intuit

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