February 14, 2023

Announcing the Byteboard Hiring Consortium!

The past year has brought about a seismic shift in the talent market and the competition for technical talent is fiercer than ever. With the shift to remote hiring, candidates have their pick of companies they want to work for or rather, even apply for. Companies who offer a high-quality interview process that values candidate time and energy will attract and hire top talent. Byteboard developed the first product to revolutionize the technical interview. Today, we’re excited to take it a step further with the launch of the Byteboard Hiring Consortium. It’s time to finally revolutionize the technical interview process.

Traditionally, candidates interviewing at multiple companies have endured a similar initial interview process with every company they apply to. No one wins in this scenario. Candidates spend hours demonstrating the same skills over and over again and eventually lose interest in going through the interview process all together. Companies miss out on great candidates that are stretched thin and, as a result, never get a chance to connect with them authentically as they often do at later stages in the interview process. Now, when a candidate interviews with a Byteboard Hiring Consortium member company, they can share their work rather than start from scratch.

When interviewing with a member of the Byteboard Hiring Consortium, candidates that have recently interviewed with another member company have the option to share their raw interview materials immediately instead of taking another Byteboard interview. Each member company receives a candidate performance report customized to their hiring criteria. Companies no longer have to wait for candidates to take the interview, enabling them to reduce their time-to-hire by 7 days or more. The Byteboard Hiring Consortium allows companies to hire great talent faster while also offering a high-quality and streamlined candidate experience—making it a win-win for all.

We are delighted to be launching the Consortium with 25 member companies, including our longtime partners Lyft and Betterment.

Attracting top talent requires an interview process that candidates love. Byteboard centers candidate experience in everything we do, as is reflected in our average candidate feedback score of over 4.4 out of 5. The Byteboard Hiring Consortium furthers our commitment to creating a technical interview process that companies trust and candidates love. Providing high quality interview experiences has never been more important, and Byteboard Hiring Consortium membership will ensure that technical hiring teams are ready.

Candidates interested in learning more about the companies using Byteboard can head over to ourJob Board.

Companies interested in joining the Byteboard Hiring Consortium can sign up for a Byteboard demo here.