Byteboard Team
June 24, 2024

New in CodeCollab: Systems Design and Custom Interviews

Byteboard just announced two pivotal features in CodeCollab, building on a series of feature updates released in the spring. By adding Systems Design interviews and Custom interviews, customers can now evaluate candidates from start to finish–in a fair and efficient manner. 

Systems Design Interviews: Assessing Architectural Acumen

CodeCollab customers can now delve into candidates' ability to architect complex technical systems, all within the Byteboard platform. These interviews are particularly valuable for roles requiring deep technical expertise in system architecture, such as backend engineers and system architects. They help customers understand how candidates approach designing complex technical systems.

Systems design interview in CodeCollab, based on

Why Systems Design Interviews Matter:

1. Comprehensive Assessment: Beyond coding skills, Systems Design interviews evaluate candidates' ability to think critically about architecture, scalability, and performance. This holistic evaluation provides a more complete picture of a candidate's technical capabilities and suitability for senior technical roles.

2. Real-World Simulation: By simulating real-world scenarios, Systems Design interviews enable candidates to demonstrate their ability to design solutions that meet complex business requirements. This practical approach ensures that candidates are not only proficient in theory but also adept at applying their knowledge to solve practical challenges.

3. Better Interview Experience: With the addition of Systems Design interviews, companies can now interview candidates from entry point through virtual onsite, all within the Byteboard platform. By staying in one platform, hiring teams maintain quality and consistency, which provides a better overall candidate experience. Additionally, this intuitive diagramming tool is based on and supports UML. 

Custom Interviews: Tailored to Fit Your Company’s Standards

With Custom interviews on CodeCollab, ask complex, real-world questions in an environment that is pre-configured to meet a company’s specific technical requirements–and supports collaborative multi-file editing (and terminal). These interviews are designed to ensure a fair evaluation by allowing recruiters and hiring managers to select consistent challenges with criteria that directly aligns to the skills essential for a particular role. 

Custom interview in CodeCollab

Why Custom Interviews Matter:

1. Personalized Evaluation: By tailoring assessments to company standards, hiring teams can ensure that candidates are evaluated on the exact skills and competencies crucial to the role. This approach not only enhances the relevance of the assessment but also improves the candidate experience by presenting challenges that resonate with specific job expectations.

2. Reduced Bias: Use consistent interview challenges, specifically tailored to your company, to ensure that every candidate has an equal opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities. This allows hiring teams to measure candidates on a level playing field and promotes a more inclusive and diverse workforce. 

3. Minimize Setup: Quickly select the appropriate pre-configured interview to minimize setup time and maximize time spent with your candidates.

Driving Innovation and Excellence in Technical Recruitment

The introduction of System Design interviews and Custom interviews represents a continued commitment to elevating technical hiring practices. Byteboard’s CoreEval and CodeCollab products allow customers to understand candidates’ technical skills and true potential for success through real-world, project-based assessments and collaborative live coding exercises. Companies who use Byteboard surface the strongest candidates quickly, saving time while providing a great candidate experience.