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Project-based assessments: hire for real-world skills, not test taking

See how a candidate will work on your team with CoreEval! Evaluate across 20+ software engineering skills as they work through a small real-world project.

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What is CoreEval?

A better way to hire better candidates. CoreEval features project-based take-home interviews that uncover how candidates perform the day-to-day tasks of modern technical teams.

The 2 part byteboard assessment tests skills such as code quality, collaboration, technical communication, productivity and working within an existing codebase.An illustration showing a project with benefits

Understand a candidate's real-world skills

Technical Reasoning Exercise

Our assessments are open-ended, so there are multiple paths and no “correct” answer, so you can see how they would work in the real world.

The technical reasoning exercise is a collaborative document writing effort.

Code Implementation Exercise

What can you expect from a new hire’s first 90 days? By putting the code test in the context of a project, candidates are required to think about the problem holistically.

Code editor with a preview for front end and mobile take home projects

Hiring outcomes that get better and better — automatically

Byteboard uses real world performance metrics to improve recommendations over time, all customized for your hiring needs and goals.

Hiring outcomes include improved onsite to offer rate and clear recommendations and next steps for candidates.

What makes CoreEval better?

When compared to in-person interviews and automated screeners, Byteboard's CoreEval helps talent and engineering leaders focus their time on what matters most: impact.

In-person interviews
Automated screeners
Project-based interviews using real work artifacts
Anonymized Evaluation to reduce bias
Human review for rich and nuanced signal
Essential SWE skills including coding and technical design
Soft skills such as communication and the ability to work as a team
Senior engineering assessment that assesses architecture and design
Scalable solution for high-volume hiring
Structured rubrics for consistent and fair grading
Built, administered, and maintained by in-house experts


Avg. candidate satisfaction
post interview


Avg. onsite-to-offer rate
(industry avg. of 25%)


Reduction in pre-onsite
interview time

The only technical interview loved by

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“Much better than an in-person coding interview. I get to work without feeling the eye of Sauron over my shoulder.”
Candidate interviewing @ Ezoic
“Through the stage where we were hiring quickly, Byteboard was a really powerful lever where otherwise we would have had to make difficult tradeoffs on resources.”

Liz Shepard

Director of Technical Recruiting
"Byteboard's skills-based interviews have enabled us to confidently hire a strong team of talented individuals year after year at Lyft, while saving us hundreds of engineering hours previously spent on less effective interviewing processes."

Eisar Lipkovitz

VP of Engineering

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