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All-in-one technical hiring platform for real world skills

Evaluate candidates across 20+ software engineering skills as they solve a practical, time-boxed project that shows how they really work.

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How it works

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Choose Role and Language

Select role and level, then choose relevant languages. We do the rest!

Roles and Languages
Byteboard offers a variety of roles and languages available for different levels from intern to staff level


See how the candidate works—by assessing their real-world skills, not test-taking.

Learn more about the Byteboard Assessment
The Byteboard assessment consists of two parts: a technical design doc and a coding project.

Recommendations, specific to your needs

You get a detailed report of the candidate’s performance, and an accurate recommendation on advancing them to the next stage.

”We’re very impressed with how strongly (candidate) performance in the Byteboard round correlates with their performance in their subsequent round with us. Great stuff!“

Aaron Levin

Head of Engineering, Fiveable

Recommendations calibrated based on the industry standard.


Only meet with candidates who are the best match for the job. Our live coding interview shows how they code and collaborate in the real world.

Follow up with a candidate in a live onsite interview and build on their coding project.