Sargun Kaur
June 1, 2023

More data, better insights: Byteboard’s rating engine is getting a glow-up

Byteboard has always done things differently. Instead of recreating the figurative broken wheel that is traditional interviews with some embellishments, we set out to build an interview that was similar to the job, the first of its kind project-based interview that assesses for over 20+ domain relevant skills. More importantly, when it came to evaluating we knew we didn’t want to stack rank candidates against each other or give hiring managers a flat numerical score with no context.

Byteboard candidates are evaluated against their own performance and their ability to meet the skill requirements set by the company. And today, we’re excited to be making further progress in giving more data and insights to our companies by launching enhanced ratings and skills reports. Byteboard reports to hiring managers will now have a 4-bucket rating that shares if a candidate is “Strong”, “Leaning Strong”, “Needs Improvement”, or “Poor”, along with a breakdown on how a candidate does across core skills and domain-specific skills.

The more data, context, and nuance we can share about a candidate’s skill sets means better, more informed, and most importantly more fair hiring decisions. Our partners at Figma have seen over a 35% increase in offers to underrepresented hires and quality of hire.

Byteboard skills reports will now also share summarized feedback you can share back with candidates that includes actionable areas of improvement as well as suggestions for areas to focus on any future round interviews. The objectiveness and detail in our ratings and reports lead companies to build a structured technical interview process that is consistent, efficient, and effective.

Why the Byteboard interview is getting a glow-up

The world is changing rapidly around us, especially with tools like ChatGPT and Github Copilot becoming more mainstream. Technical interviews are in need of a glow-up. Our new candidate ratings provide a more nuanced understanding of a candidate's performance. Those who receive a Leaning Strong rating on the Byteboard interview have demonstrated most of the core skills required for the role. While they show great potential, there may still be areas where further development is needed. On the other hand, candidates who receive a Needs Improvement recommendation have shown promise in certain aspects but require additional skill development to excel in their role.

By getting a more granular rating, hiring managers can now further optimize their hiring process by deciding what level of skill development they’re able to support post-hire across a variety of hard and soft skills, including:

How to get started with the updated ratings

For our existing customers, the updated candidate ratings are available now, allowing you to immediately benefit from the added clarity and insights provided by the new ratings.

If you are considering Byteboard for your technical hiring needs, now is the perfect time to experience our platform's comprehensive assessment capabilities. Reach out to our team to schedule a demo today and hear how we've helped companies like Figma, Webflow, and Lyft use Byteboard to hire across all levels and key technical roles while maintaining high candidate satisfaction ratings.

But don't just take our word for it. Here are some glowing reviews from recent candidates who have taken a Byteboard interview:

“Really fun exercise! I love how engaging and real world it was. I think a lot of the industry can learn from this experience. Thanks so much for the opportunity!”
- Recent Byteboard Candidate

“This was a fun interview to do. Much more refreshing than the current leetcode style of questions are usually given out.”
- Recent Byteboard Candidate