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Find the right engineers and save time with assessments and interviews that are built on the most equitable evaluation practices in the industry.

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For Engineering Leaders

Set a higher bar for your hiring

Prevent mis-hires and save valuable engineering time with a technical interview that simulates what your engineers actually do every day.

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3x Top of funnel volume. 30% Decrease in time to hire. 4.5/5 Average Candidate Satisfaction Rating
robust assessment content

Built to embrace AI coding solutions such as ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot

Real-World Scenarios

Assessment contexts that are realistic, large and multi-faceted where candidates need to solve problems while reasoning with existing code, cross-functional stakeholders etc.

Human Review

Trained and calibrated graders who can recognize and callout AI generated answers that *appear* correct, but are significantly flawed upon inspection.

Prompt Engineering

Candidates solve ambiguous and open-ended problems with no right answers that AI-tools cannot solve without providing clear direction and strictly defined prompts.

embracing AI into software Engineering

AI-assistance tools are transforming software engineering and hence the software engineering interview

We believe AI-coding solutions will become a core tool used by software engineers and thus should be incorporated into how companies evaluate engineering talent.

Learn How To Hire Engineers In The Age of AI
scale your top-of-funnel bandwidth

Assessments uniquely designed for role-specific skills

As engineers, we know every position is unique. You can evaluate for the real world skills you know you need — requiring zero hours from you.

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Proven industry results using calibrated rubrics customized to your hiring bar.
save valuable engineering time

Stop dealing with assessments. We do it for you!

Assess the technical skills you want without spending hours writing or administering the questions!

Reduce hiring delays using async interviews
the complete skills assessment

Learn how a candidate would actually work on your team

Know a candidate’s real world skills (like code quality, product thinking and trade-offs analysis), not just how many algorithms they’ve memorized.

The technical reasoning exercise is a collaborative document writing effort.

What makes Byteboard better?

Byteboard gives engineering leaders a streamlined platform to hire the talent you need with results you can trust. The efficiency of automated screeners paired with the accuracy of in-person interviews, Byteboard helps you focus your time on what matters most: building.

In-person interviews
Automated screeners
Project-based interviews using real work artifacts
Soft skills like communication & collaboration
Human review for rich and nuanced signal
Essential SWE coding and technical design skills
Senior & Staff level skills like architecture design
Built, administered, and maintained by in-house experts
Structured rubrics for consistent and fair grading
Asynchronous replacement for Technical phone screens

Eliminate bottlenecks in your technical screening

Candidates can take the interview on their own time. This saves hours of time for hiring managers and reduces anxiety for candidates—a win-win!

Replace your technical phone screens to save hiring manager and recruiting coordinator time
Scale your impact while saving your time

Confidently review more candidates—in less time

Infinitely increase the number of candidates you can assess without adding any additional engineering or recruiting bandwidth.

Conduct interviews in bulk and asynchronously to save recruiting time
make confident decisions

Reliable recommendations calibrated over 20,000 interviews

Use data and comprehensive analysis to inform your decisions around hiring the right candidate for your needs.

Recommendations calibrated based on the industry standard.

The only technical interview loved by

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“Much better than an in-person coding interview. I get to work without feeling the eye of Sauron over my shoulder.”
Candidate interviewing @ Ezoic
“Through the stage where we were hiring quickly, Byteboard was a really powerful lever where otherwise we would have had to make difficult tradeoffs on resources.”

Liz Shepard

Director of Technical Recruiting
"Byteboard's skills-based interviews have enabled us to confidently hire a strong team of talented individuals year after year at Lyft, while saving us hundreds of engineering hours previously spent on less effective interviewing processes."

Eisar Lipkovitz

VP of Engineering