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Assess how engineers work in the real world through collaborative live coding

New! Systems Design

Based on draw.io, this intuitive diagramming tool helps you understand how candidates approach designing complex technical systems. Now available in CodeCollab!

The traditional technical interview needs an overhaul

Your technical interview should feel familiar, not scary

Spending hours working through theoretical algorithm questions doesn’t tell you how a candidate will perform in the real world. Use collaborative live coding exercises to evaluate a candidate’s true potential for success – not their ability to study and memorize.

Collaborate on practical project scenarios
Understand candidate communication
Adapt follow-up questions on the fly

CodeCollab makes live
coding seamless

Familiar IDE based on Visual Studio Code
ATS integrations
Real-time collaboration on code changes
Multi-file code base
Create custom interviews
Configurable environment that supports package installation
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Comprehensive Evaluations

Use CodeCollab boards independently–or pair with a CoreEval take-home project for a more holistic understanding of your candidate

"With Byteboard, we were able to improve our interviewing process—keeping it efficient and inclusive—while protecting engineers’ time."

Jason Bauer
Engineering Manager

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