Companies across the industry are using Byteboard to make their hiring process more effective, efficient, and equitable.


Collectors: Removing major bottlenecks in hiring

Collectors integrated Byteboard into their processes, replacing a virtual coding screen interview in which candidates were asked to code on the spot with hiring manager evaluation.

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Lyft team

Lyft: A Holistic and Consistent Candidate Assessment

Since adopting Byteboard as their primary pre-onsite technical interview platform, Lyft can interview 5X more intern candidates and shorten the interview timelines by 50%.

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Figma team

Figma: Building an Inclusive Talent Pipeline

In alignment with their mission to make design accessible to everyone, Figma partnered with Byteboard to increase their offer rates to diverse talent.

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Ezoic team

Ezoic: Saving Engineering Time with a Practical Assessment

In just a few months, Ezoic expanded their engineering team and doubled their onsite-to-offer rate, while saving their engineers hundreds of hours of time.

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Betterment team

Betterment: Assessing for the Skills that Matter on the Job

With Byteboard, the Betterment team quickly doubled the size of their engineering team with a process that reflected their positive and engaging office culture.

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