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Figma: Building an inclusive talent pipeline

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Working with the Byteboard product as a hiring manager is great! The technical evaluation process is rooted in real world technical challenges and gives candidates the ability to show off their abilities across several dimensions. We could finally streamline our 2020 hiring by having candidates pass through the Byteboard evaluation before bringing them onsite.

Thomas Wright, Engineering Manager

Figma’s mission is to make design accessible to everyone and ensure young talent from diverse backgrounds are the cultural leaders of the fast-growing company. Earlier this year, they launched their University Program to create meaningful internships and new grad experiences for the next generation of leaders. Figma partnered with Byteboard to increase their offer rates to diverse talent and reduce engineering time spent interviewing.


With the launch of their University Program this year, one of Figma’s main challenges was how to quickly move talented candidates through their pipeline to result in offers. The interview process involved a technical phone screen along with three technical interviews for the final round that cumulatively required a significant investment of time and resources from our engineering and recruiting teams. Another challenge was putting together an interview for the top of their funnel that fairly allowed candidates to demonstrate their skills. Figma wanted to find the right tool that would enable them to improve their time to hire while also ensuring all candidates had a fair, positive, and engaging experience throughout their interview process.


Figma thoughtfully tested and compared many interviewing tool options. As they learned more about Byteboard, they found it to solve for well beyond their engineering time resourcing challenges, but also help them improve diversity and inclusion outcomes—a company-level goal. In addition, they also found that candidates appreciate the Byteboard assessment for its clarity on the questions, consistency with technical expectations and grading rubric, and inclusivity. For the Figma team, finding an interview tool that was efficient and effective at measuring for on-the-job skills was important, but even more so was ensuring the tool had an optimal candidate experience—and Byteboard delivered.


In just a few months, Figma decreased their time to hire by 10 days. Since students can take their Byteboard interview at any time that works best for their schedule, as opposed to matching it with one of the Figma engineer’s weeks into the future, they shortened the time from interview to hire. Given Byteboard is inclusively designed to enable all talent and talent potential to demonstrate their skills, the Byteboard interview exposed Figma’s engineering team to a new and improved way of evaluating junior talent—ensuring well-represented pipelines and hires. This year alone, underrepresented candidate hiring numbers increased by using Byteboard. Figma is growing fast—in the best way.

At Figma, I work off of three pillars to build successful university programs and Byteboard is my solution to pillar number one: to recruit and evaluate top and diverse technical talent to achieve a well-represented class of interns and recent graduates. Using Byteboard’s inclusive technical assessment for this recruiting season was monumental in our success in hiring a class of interns and recent graduates from more universities and backgrounds than all previous hiring seasons, along with increasing pass-through rates and decreasing our time to hire.

Kristen Dauler, University Programs Manager

I appreciated Figma’s interview process. I’m not a big fan of other developer skills platforms because I don’t believe they fully capture a person’s abilities, so seeing Figma use Byteboard was a great sign. It is a great assessment of not only people/design skills and thought process but also dealt with topics that you more typically see as an engineer, which I appreciated a lot.

Figma Candidate, September 2020

The only technical interview loved by

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“Much better than an in-person coding interview. I get to work without feeling the eye of Sauron over my shoulder.”
Candidate interviewing @ Ezoic
“Through the stage where we were hiring quickly, Byteboard was a really powerful lever where otherwise we would have had to make difficult tradeoffs on resources.”

Liz Shepard

Director of Technical Recruiting
"Byteboard's skills-based interviews have enabled us to confidently hire a strong team of talented individuals year after year at Lyft, while saving us hundreds of engineering hours previously spent on less effective interviewing processes."

Eisar Lipkovitz

VP of Engineering