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Collectors: Getting the right hire, faster by removing major process bottlenecks

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You want to use Byteboard if you want to hire really high quality talent, do it quickly, and not have to feel like, in shifting from internal resources to external ones, that you’re compromising on the quality of the interview.

Liz Shepard, Collectors’ Director of Technical Recruiting

Collectors’ mission is helping collectors pursue their passion for the hobby through offering authentication and grading services for high-value collectibles including trading cards, currency, video games, event tickets, autographs, and memorabilia, as well as. tools to help them find the next big thing, and a marketplace to buy and sell. They partnered with Byteboard in early 2022 to support their engineering team as they entered a hyper-growth phase. Byteboard helped Collectors differentiate their candidate experience, ensure fair and equitable candidate vetting, and remove bottlenecks for a more efficient hiring process.


In order to meet the needs of their market, Collectors needed to transform and scale their team from roughly 20 engineers to 150 in under a year. This was a huge task, especially in the competitive candidate market of early 2022. In their existing process, they were experiencing a significant bottleneck in the pre-onsite technical evaluation, where there was not enough hiring manager time available to evaluate the volume of candidates they needed.

And, they needed to stand out in a crowded market, offering a positive, differentiated candidate experience. Senior engineers are often less amenable to cumbersome technical evaluations. With the volume of senior engineers they planned to hire, Collectors needed to provide an experience that senior engineers would feel good about completing.

Collectors needed a tool that gave time back to the engineering team, while also giving hiring managers the signal they needed to confidently invite senior engineering candidates to the final interview round.


Collectors integrated Byteboard into their processes, replacing a virtual coding screen interview in which candidates were asked to code on the spot with hiring manager evaluation. By replacing the technical screen with the Byteboard assessment, Collectors was able to remove a major bottleneck in their process. Byteboard’s anonymous grading and highly calibrated rubrics ensured all candidates were judged fairly and equitably.

The Collectors team was particularly drawn to Byteboard’s assessment design.

The reason that we were really attracted to Byteboard is that we liked the approach of having an assessment that more so mimicked what it was like to be an engineer on the ground, whereas I think a lot of technical assessments out there are focused on how well you code on the spot. We liked that this was more emblematic of a day-in-the-life of an engineer and that we can get higher quality reads on the things that matter once you’re here.Liz Shepard, Collectors’ Director of Technical Recruiting

By choosing a project-based technical interview rather than theoretical, hiring managers can get a better signal on all the skills candidates need to be successful, beyond just coding.


Post-assessment metrics, such as the percentage of candidates who passed the assessment and were invited to the evaluation stage and eval-to-offer rates, are on par with the outcomes Collectors saw when conducting hour-long interviews with hiring managers. This shows they could replace a step in their hiring process, saving 100% of that time, and get a comparable outcome using Byteboard.

“Through the stage where we were hiring quickly, Byteboard was a really powerful lever where otherwise we would have had to make difficult tradeoffs on resources,” says Shepard.

Additionally, the Collectors hiring team felt that Byteboard provides a better candidate experience, especially when recruiting senior engineers. “[Senior Engineers] feel like it [Byteboard] gives them a strong ability to showcase what they can do. It allowed candidates to get a feel for the type of work they would be doing if they joined Collectors, while also giving us a signal on their abilities. I have felt confident in this experience and that it’s going to keep the right people on the hook,” says Shepard.

Engineers agree—Collectors’ candidates rate Byteboard 4.4 out of 5 stars. A senior engineer at Collectors said that Byteboard was “well-constructed.”

“[The design interview] was particularly interesting as it was much different than most interview exercises, allowing more thought and a requirements-gathering mental approach, which is so important to identifying how to proceed with architecting and implementing a solution. This is the crux for solid engineering and a useful evaluation tool for screening engineers, specifically leads and principals,” said a senior engineering candidate at Collectors.

The only technical interview loved by

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“Much better than an in-person coding interview. I get to work without feeling the eye of Sauron over my shoulder.”
Candidate interviewing @ Ezoic
“Through the stage where we were hiring quickly, Byteboard was a really powerful lever where otherwise we would have had to make difficult tradeoffs on resources.”

Liz Shepard

Director of Technical Recruiting
"Byteboard's skills-based interviews have enabled us to confidently hire a strong team of talented individuals year after year at Lyft, while saving us hundreds of engineering hours previously spent on less effective interviewing processes."

Eisar Lipkovitz

VP of Engineering