Nathan Stables
August 16, 2023

Tips for unlocking the full power of your technical interview platform

It’s a reoccurring misconception: Buy a new piece of software and all pain points will be solved. In reality, delivering breakthroughs in any organization requires a successful implementation process –– which includes designing training and building trust through ongoing support. Byteboard has several features that can be leveraged to maximize hiring success. To reap the full benefits of Byteboard, we recommend using these 3 tips for a successful implementation. 

3 Best Practices for Adoption and Implementation of a Technical Interview Platform 

1. Train both people and non-people teams on new software 

It can be natural to focus your training and implementation on a single set of users, but in order to build trust amongst stakeholders, it is vital to cast a wide net. When mapping your internal change management and training plan, ask these questions to help you determine who needs training on the new platform in your organization.

  • Who will benefit from the implementation of the platform?
  • What jobs are being replaced by the platform?
  • What processes or activities will users need to perform on the platform?
  • How will different users experience the platform based on their level of technical knowledge? 

Your change management and training plan will be dependent on the context of your organization. Often organizations will provide a detailed roadmap for onboarding and support from Customer Success teams; at Byteboard we facilitate training sessions specific to a subset of users including engineering hiring managers, recruiters, and recruiting coordinators.

2. Integrate your tech stack 

We use lots of tools in our daily work lives, and it can be overwhelming to context switch between platforms, disjointed workflows, and an overload of messages.

Integrating your technical interview platform to your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), such as Greenhouse or Lever, messaging tools, and single sign-on (SSO) services can (and will) remove friction in adoption. The last thing you want is to preclude a team from using a solution because they can’t remember their password and login.

The easier it is for data and users to flow between systems (reducing manual tasks), the more likely you are to see adoption and use of a new solution. We recommend spending time as part of your implementation plan to set up all value-add integrations. Integrations can help ensure consistent and connected data across your stack that will, in turn, allow your team to unlock insights on candidate performance and qualities.

3. Re-align your interview process 

Technical interviews don’t exist in a vacuum. You may find that parts of your interview process become duplicative once a hiring platform has been adopted. It is important to do an audit of what experiences and skills are assessed in each part of your interview process to ensure you are receiving signals on all required skills while avoiding duplicative interview steps (and insights from those interview steps). 

A strong technical interview platform should offer your team fair, consistent, and predictive assessments aligned to relevant skills in your hiring. We recommend monitoring a platform’s skills library and ratings functionality for relevance as part of both implementation and continued usage. 

Ratings provide recruiters and hiring managers with a snapshot of a candidate’s performance on an interview and overall skill set. While ratings can be incredibly insightful, they are a top-level indicator on the quality of a candidate’s technical interview performance.

Software Engineering roles continue to evolve as new programming languages and frameworks become relevant to specialized technical roles. Without ongoing updates and adjustments to assessments and ratings methodology, you may find a mismatch between assessments and skills. 

At Byteboard, we work with hiring teams whenever a new role opens to help guide you to the best suited assessment. We also custom calibrate ratings to your team’s expectations for a specific role and level.

Interested in learning more about what makes team's who use Byteboard successful starting at implementation? Schedule a demo to learn more about how we can help deliver results in your technical hiring.